WoW Tokens Get a New Use


WoW Tokens Get a New Use

Wow tokens are a type of currency Blizzard created so that players could exchange money for in game gold from other players. It was meant to help eliminate the need for illegal sites where gold was sold, and it’s been working pretty well so far. Recently they added a new feature to the special tokens.

The way WoW tokens work is that someone wants to get some extra gold in World of Warcraft. So, they spend £15 and get a token. They put this token into the market house and wait for their gold to roll in. The market value of the token when the item is deposited is guaranteed for the player. So if the price goes down they’ll still get the higher amount. If you want a more in depth run down read this article here.

The current gold price for Wow tokens is 168,235, although it varies by region. This site keeps track of the gold cost for tokens. Originally these tokens could only be used to add a 30 day subscription to WoW, but they’ve added an interesting new feature. Now you can use the tokens to add money to your account. That means you can exchange in game gold for Blizzard products, like loot crates in Overwatch, Hearthstone cards, mounts in WoW, and even full games. Of course the tokens cost more to buy then the money they give your account. So it’s technically cheaper to just put money straight into your account (for example tokens cost $20, but can be used to get $15 in your account), but the point is that you can use in game currency to test real world rewards.

So, the WoW token has been popular since last April, and used to only be able to be used for a WoW subscription. Now they can be used to get real world money that you can spend on Blizzard products. Seems like Blizzard is trying to give players every incentive they can to at WoW and farm for gold. Do you like this idea, or do you think it’ll mess things up? Let me know in the comment section below.


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