Windows 10 on the Xbox One


Windows 10 on the Xbox One

Windows 10 is heading to Xbox One sooner rather than later. Microsoft executive Phil Spencer tells us when they will show how the new operating system will work with the Xbox One. Phil Spencer has repeatedly made it clear that he sees gaming on the PC as something just as important as gaming on the Xbox One.

Back when Windows 10 was announced, Microsoft claimed that the new operating system would connect all of their products. However, they have been very tight-lipped about how that will work specifically. One of the more exciting elements of such a bridge would be for gaming across platforms. This is explained by Earnest Cavalli from Joystiq, “The goal of this cross-platform integration is user convenience. By including features of the Windows 10 operating system in the Xbox One, Microsoft makes things much easier for developers looking to port their games from one device to another,” This would also make the idea of working on games for Xbox One console exclusive more tempting to developers, because of the cost savings without having to make a lot of changes when they are making  the a game to release on Xbox One and PC.

Phil Spencer has repeatedly stated that he wants Microsoft to make a bigger push into PC gaming. Back on October 8th, on the Inner Circle broadcast, Phil Spencer said, “I’m really committed to us getting back to supporting both Xbox as much as we ever have, and also PC. Because, I know my friends and the customers out there that are great gamers on Xbox are also, a lot of them, are great gamers on PC; and I want to make sure that we’re able to offer them the best experience across all the platforms.” Windows 10 is poised to bring the Xbox, PC, and Windows phones closer together than ever before.

The specifics about how Windows 10 will bring these platforms together has yet to be announced. Phil Spencer has said that in January we will hear news about how Windows 10 will work for the Xbox One, specifically about what will change with gaming with the release of Windows 10. Microsoft’s new system is coming out to phone, PC, and Xbox One next year, but does not have a specific release date yet.

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