Wildfire Introduces Stealthy Firebending


Wildfire Introduces Stealthy Firebending

Wildfire is a stealth platformer being developed by game studio Sneaky Bastards,  that has recently started its Kickstarter campaign. The game is planned to be released in March 2016 if the campaign goes well. In this game, not only is stealth important, but it is paired with a magical control over fire.

Wildfire is based in a world where magic is scarce. When your ability to control ire awakens within you, it captures the attentions of leaders who fear what you could do with such powers. A massive army is immediately dispatched to track you down and eliminate you. This forces you to flee through forests, mountains, caves, and icy caverns while your powers grow from the constant need to use them to survive.

In Wildfire you will be able to do many different things. Despite Wildfire having a fairly linear series of levels, each level leaves itself open ended to how you get through. The variations of playthrough are even wider when you toggle with the preferences, like how long ire will burn for, and how much health your character will have. Throughout the game you will increase your control over fire, and eventually add control over water as well. Use smarts, not brute force, to outwit your enemies and get past them. Turn the tables on your pursuers and hunt them from the shadows with your powers. Track your pursuers back and discover who sent them to kill you. Learn why your powers suddenly appeared without warning. Discover what happened to others who held your powers in the past. I you survive, you may just discover that you aren’t alone in your elemental powers.

The fire you create in Wildfire is your best chance for survival, but it is still a danger to you. Your powers allow you to control fire, but you can’t create it. You have to pull fire from where it already is, and use that piece to ignite other things. However, your control over fire does not protect you from it, and if you are foolish enough to try to walk through burning grass, you will be ignited. This means you have to think more carefully about your use of fire to scare and possibly kill your enemies so you can get past them.

Wildfire is on Kickstarter right now, with a fairly modest goal of 10,000 AUD (The company is based in Australia). You can also check out their Steam Greenlight page here. The Alpha is free to download and test out for yourself on their Kickstarter page. Which means you can check out what the game is like already before you need to give them any of your hard earned money. Wildfire is planned to be released in March 2016 on PC with support for keyboard, mouse, and gamepad control.


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