White Wolf has New Vampire and Mage Games


White Wolf has New Vampire and Mage Games

White Wolf Publishing released the first two World of Darkness games in a very long time this week. They aren’t the big RPGs people were expecting, but they are fun for what they are. One follows the modern world of vampires, and the other follows the adventures of a modern mage.

Mage the Ascension: Refuge is an interactive fiction written by Karen Tidbeck. It is about a volunteer in a European camp for Syrian refugees who discovers that she can reshape reality at will. That’d be exciting on its own, but as she discovers her powers she learns that she’s in the middle of a massive magical war to determine the fate of the world.

Vampire the Masquerade: We Eat Blood is an interactive fiction written and illustrated by Zak Sabbath and Sarah Horrocks. This game focuses on a newly turned vampire communicating through text messages. After all, how else would a modern vampire share their fresh horrors? Selfies with their victims of course.

Both games focus on narrative, which is something White Wolf Publishing’s World of Darkness is known for. Especially when it comes to their cult classic video game Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. They’re currently working on another big RPG in their Werewolf the Apocalypse storyline, but it’ll still be a while before that is released. So if you’re a fan of White Wolf these games are probably just what you’re looking for to help pass the time until Werewolf comes out.

Vampires and mages in the modern world. That’s what you’ll be getting with these two games. Both of them are available on Android, iOS, and in a bundle together on Steam. They’re not incredibly long though, so don’t go in expecting a grandiose adventure taking up hours upon hours of your time. What are your thoughts? Are you excited for the first games to come from White Wolf in ages, or do you not even really know or care who they are? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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