Wanderer Mixes Genres in a Sci-Fi Adventure


Wanderer Mixes Genres in a Sci-Fi Adventure

Wanderer is a 2D adventure game that blends elements from turn-based RPGs, platformers, puzzle solving, and point-and-click games. Wanderer follows the adventures of a convict called Rook after the VC Harlegand, an Alcatraz like prison orbiting Earth, crashes to Earth and he wakes up from a lifetime sentence in his stasis pod. Wanderer is being developed by Red Cloak Games, and is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter.

Wanderer  features 2D platforming, “pseudo turn-based combat,” puzzle solving, and branching dialogue choices. You can move through the world by walking, running, climbing, jumping, and crouching. As you explore the world, more movement abilities will be unlocked, and you’ll need to navigate obstacles and various enemies. Whenever you make contact with an enemy in the field the game switches to combat. “Timing, reflex, and pattern recognition are emphasized, and the player will need to manually time and input offensive/defensive maneuvers to maximize their advantage in battle.” For the puzzle-solving element, you’ll find notes of interest that can be interacted with in point and click adventure style. “Puzzles will require the player to examine and interact with characters, the environment, and obtainable inventory items to overcome obstacles and advance the story.” The dialogue choices and consequences of them were inspired by games like Heavy Rain and Telltale’s Walking Dead series, which means that conversations will play out in real time. It also means that players will have to often make choices very quickly, and all of these choices will impact the story and how various characters view you. What the developers believe ties all of these together well is the hand painted world mixed with lo-res pixel art characters.

In Wanderer, humanity has flourished. With colonies on several different planets, and a mysterious cataclysm that left Earth filled with otherworldly creatures and skewed the planet’s confines of time and space, has made the human’s home world nothing more than a graveyard. After Rook wakes up from stasis he suffers from memory loss, terrible migraines, and hallucinations because as a death row inmate he was never meant to wake up. Another inmate named Jin has hacked into Rook’s neural implants, and has a plan for how to escape their current predicament. The two of them will have to travel to each of the different cellblocks that split off from the prison station when it crashed to the Earth. Along the way they will meet many different people, and groups that can either help or hinder them depending on the dialogue choices you choose.

Wanderer will be an episodic series that is planned to be at least five episodes. Red Cloak Games chose to make the game episodic so that they could release more content for the game than they would be able to otherwise. Breaking it up into multiple pieces will let them release the game sooner, and then release a new episode every 3-4 months. This time table is due to the fact that they are a two man development team and can not realistically do a ton of work all on their own.

Wanderer has no official release date, but is planned to have the first episode released in September of 2016. So far the game is being developed for PC, Mac, and Linux. Wanderer is also on Indie DB, has its own Dev Log, and is seeking approval on Steam Greenlight. So, what do you think of games looking

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