The US Pokemon GO Field Test is a Go


The US Pokemon GO Field Test is a Go

The Pokemon GO field test has started in the US. It is free to sign up for the test here, but there are a few requirements needed. Included in the list is agreeing not to share content of the Pokemon GO field test with others, especially through social media.

This round of the Pokemon GO field test is for residents of the United States, Australia, and New Zealand with iOS and Android devices. Before starting the game, if you’re chosen to participate, you’ll need to agree to the privacy policy and terms of service for the Pokemon GO app. Users are apparently selected based on a variety of factors, including your OS, gaming experience, and, of course, a little luck.


Now, no need to worry that you’ll fall behind if you don’t make it into the Pokemon GO field test. The accounts will not be transferred to the full game, and will be wiped throughout the field test. The testers will also only receive the reward of knowing that their input may lead to actual improvements to the game. Since it is in the real world, Niantic has disclaimed any liability for property damage or personal injury. After all, what if there was a rare Pokemon in an abandoned building. Who wouldn’t break in to catch it? As a final note on the field test, for any of you thinking you can sell your spot in the test for a quick buck, exchanging or gifting your account is prohibited. Here is where Niantic dropped the information about the Pokemon GO field test coming to the US. Who knows where it will drop next?


Pokemon GO already has added a bunch of features for trainers to enjoy. You can customize the look of your trainer, but will still probably have to wear a hat. You can also work to take control of gyms that are set in real world locations. When you lower a gym’s prestige enough, by beating it, you can take control of the gym and assign one of your Pokemon there to battle any challengers. Your character will also show up there and actually face down any would be Pokemon masters that want to take your place. Now this isn’t a solo effort. This works when a team takes down the prestige of a gym. You will have a choice to choose between three teams, and you can challenge gyms owned by the other teams to lower their prestige, or you can train at a gym that your team owns to raise its prestige. If you raise your team’s gym’s prestige enough you’ll get benefits, like being able to leave more Pokemon to defend it.


Pokemon Go is full of features, listed here, and will work to get children and adults alike out of the house and into the world. If you’re lucky enough to make it into the Pokemon GO field test, be sure to share that information below so that the rest of us may envy your position in life.

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Written by Spencer Havens: Who is still waiting for a reply from Niantic saying that he made it into the Pokemon GO field test…waiting…always waiting…

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