UnDungeon and the Shift


UnDungeon and the Shift

UnDungeon is a top down action RPG with rogue like elements. It’s an innovative game using multiverse theory to create the unique world it resides in. The developers of UnDungeon are creating a game that reflects what their favorite parts of games are.

A cataclysm has changed the world forever. Aliens didn’t invade, volcanoes didn’t engulf the earth, and tectonic plates didn’t rip the earth apart. The thin veil that separates one reality from the next was breached. Seven different versions of earth were suddenly forced into the same space.

Now all seven worlds have been forced to become neighbors against their will. Amidst this chaos seven champions arose, but they are not heroes in the traditional sense. These champions are called heralds, and they have been blessed with a core that compels them to explore the world and find a certain location that will unlock the power of the core.


The earth in UnDungeon is procedurally generated with pieces from each of the seven worlds. The herald must explore this area at the compelling of the core. If they die the core will revive them, however it’ll also create a whole new map and basically make you start all over again. This is inspired by rogue likes and so permadeath isn’t surprising to see.

Combat in UnDungeon happens in real time. Each action, besides moving, costs energy which is supposed to make attacking more strategic and less spamming one attack. Artifacts can be gathered to increase the herald’s attacks and abilities in various ways. There are passive and active artifacts and they can be combined in different ways to do different things. These combi actions will also change the look of the herald. The artifacts are also randomly generated and so each playthrough will be different.

UnDungeon is a passion project, and is currently in a pre-alpha build. Right now they are looking for funding on Kickstarter here. When it is finished it is planning to release on PC, Linux, and Mac, but if stretch goals are met it’ll also release on Xbox One and PS4.


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