Two weeks in to full time game dev


Two weeks in to full time game dev

Yeah, so I’m now a full time game dev?

Pretty crazy to think that just over two years after coming up with the idea for Greenlight Games with companies house, whilst I was still in my second year of a bachelor’s degree in Games Design & Development that I’m now sitting here in my own office writing this blog.

O2 Arena

Not only that but I’ve already created 3 jobs for students and 3 jobs for graduates within the company, who’re all working on several projects. It’s madness!


So two weeks in, I thought I’d go over a few things that have been happening.


Green Jamwich

Green Jamwich
After the success Green Jamwich had back in December, I just had to run it again. This time I plan on making it bigger and better, naturally.

The event that was sponsored by the University of Greenwich allowed our winners Nick, Luke & Megan to work part-time at Greenlight Games to earn work experience and create a portfolio piece that we will publish, called Run Fox Run.

That was the goal for Green Jamwich from the start, run game jams and give students jobs; that’s exactly what we’ve achieved so far!

So pushing things forward I’m now arranging our next event on October 15th & 16th, reaching out to universities and colleges alike that offer games and media courses to their students. The game jam is free to attend and we’re hoping to have a few hundred people attend the next one, I’m also planning on having an indie exhibition area along with industry professionals doing live talks through the weekend.

This event really is going to be a special one, check out the awesome branding we had printed for exhibitions.

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So yeah, Green Jamwich is going very well and I’m looking forward to the next one! Before I wrap that up though, I’m going to mention Virgin Startup #VOOM2016.

It’s a competition that will allow the top 80 pitches to step in front of Richard Branson, for a slice of £1,000,000. So please take just a minute to visit our pitch and click VOTE!

Desert Fire

Desert Fire is a PC & Xbox One game that I’ve been working on for the last two months, the demo is almost finished and I’ll be firing it off to Xbox this week. This isn’t actually one of our own designs though, its contract work for a company called OddSheep Ltd. They create TrinusVR, which is an awesome app that lets you use your smart phone as a VR headset for PC & console games.

The website should be setup properly later this week but we’ve got a place holder in place, you can check it out here:

Desert Fire



Now this one really has me excited. Colonise is an episodic, decision based real-time strategy game we’re currently designing for PC. Now I for one am a massive RTS fan, Red Alert released by Westwood Studios in 1996 was an absolute blast and I still play it even now.

So what can you expect from Colonise? Well here’s a brief outline:

Colonise is a real-time strategy game based in outer space, it is an open development project. Meaning that many ideas, characters and the majority of the story we be open for the community to suggest and design.

The Human race has sucked Earth dry, resources we depend on are in short supply and we can no longer survive on this planet. You’re the leader of a small team sent on a one way trip to a new planet that mirrors Earth’s resources & habitat, colonise it and help the human race thrive once again.

Although this is the future, your resources are limited. The one way trip you embarked on meant you was able to take just the necessities such as food, weapons and water. You must forage, hunt and gather wood so that your settlement can survive. Only then can you improve your methods and materials to become a technology leading force not to be messed with.

As your build your settlement and research new methods you can build the technology required to improve living conditions, generate power, create resource mines and machines that will aid in the creation or destruction of settlements.

So what do you think, sound interesting? We’re putting a great spin on a classic genre to try to reinvent it, adding some unique mechanics that are yet to be used within real-time strategy games.

This title will also include real life cut scenes, you know the ones from Red Alert & Command & Conquer? Yeah, them. I’m actually just about to leave to visit the recording studio over at the University of Greenwich, where the magic will happen.

We’ve also applied for funding within the UK Games Fund ‘Tranzfuser’ programme, so fingers crossed we’ll find out about that later this week.

You can check out the website, where I’ll be posting regular updates in the forums including VLOGS:

Colonise Header


So our mobile game DEUL, which is available on Android & iOS has now hit over 150,000 players!! What an achievement, I can’t believe how many people we’ve reached with the title.

There’s a lot of updates coming soon including online play and new game modes, so keep your eyes peeled for that! We can’t wait to see how the game evolves.


Wrapping Up

OK I think that will do, I’m going to wrap it up there. The last two weeks have been a mixture of awesomeness and heavy weighted stress, as I juggle my future and finances.

It was never going to be easy and I’m looking froward to what the future holds for me as a full-time dev and Greenlight Games. So lets see how the next month goes!

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​Dean is the Founder and CEO of Greenlight Games. After completing his degree in Computer Science, Dean moved on to a degree in Games Design and Development where he found his bond with playing and creating games. Since starting his studio Dean has become a multi award-winning entrepreneur and reached over 1.8 million players around the world.

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