Tranzfuser Winners


Tranzfuser Winners

Today I’m proud to announce that Greenlight Games have been accepted in to the Tranzfuser programme!


What is Tranzfuser?

OK so Tranzfuser is the innovative new talent development programme brought to you by UK Games Talent, working with a host of regional contributors and funded by UK Government.

It is the first talent programme brought to you by UK Games Talent aiming to provide an annual shot of top talent into the UK development ecosystem with a particular focus on creative team leaders of the future. It looks to supply a pipeline to enterprise and/or employment recognition for new UK games graduates. Taking teams from concept and prototyping through to publishing.

It is the first time a UK-wide talent programme has been linked directly to a prototype fund allowing new teams to benefit from grants.

UK Games FundFunded by UK Goverment


What happens next?

Over the course of 10 weeks we’ll be given £5,000 to spend on developing a prototype game, what game you ask? Colonise of course!

Colonise is being designed & developed entirely by students and graduates from the University of Greenwich and will also include recorded cut scenes, that are being scripted and recorded at the Stockwell Street campus.

We’ve got a team of 4 including myself of University of Greenwich graduates and hope to start development June 1st.


More on Colonise

Colonise is a decision based, episodic, real time strategy game we’re bringing to PC and hope to put on Steam for sale.

The Human race has sucked Earth dry, resources we depend on are in short supply and we can no longer survive on this planet. You’re the leader of a small team sent on a one way trip to a new planet that mirrors Earth’s resources & habitat, colonise it and help the human race thrive once again.

You can find out more about Colonise by following us on Twitter, liking our Facebook page or visiting the website here.


That’s all for now

Yeah so this was never going to be a long post, I was just so excited to win Tranzfuser I wanted to give you all a little more information on what it means.

I’ll be back soon and we’ll be posting updates via our social media accounts a lot over the next ten weeks. Why not just on the website and let us know what ideas you have?

You can view the press release from Tranzfuser listing all the winning teams here:



About Dean Day

​Dean is the Founder and CEO of Greenlight Games. After completing his degree in Computer Science, Dean moved on to a degree in Games Design and Development where he found his bond with playing and creating games. Since starting his studio Dean has become a multi award-winning entrepreneur and reached over 1.8 million players around the world.

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