Total War: Attila DLC and Release Date


Total War: Attila DLC and Release Date

Total War: Attila has finally had its release date announced by creators Sega and Creative Assembly. This newest installation has made several gameplay updates from their last game, Total War: Rome II. They have also announced a bonus gift available for free to anyone who preorders the game.

For anyone who preorders Total War: Attila from participating retailers they will receive the game’s first DLC for free. The DLC is called The Viking Forefathers Culture, and it will introduce three playable Norse factions, with unique battlefield units, naval units, missions, cultural traits, and factional traits. These groups are the Danes, the Jutes, and the Geats. For anyone who chooses not to preorder the game from either the official Sega store or Steam (they are the two participating realtors so far), the Viking Forefathers Culture DLC pack will cost 5.99 pounds.

The newest game in the Total War franchise is set in 396 AD, and has the player control a world power around during then, except for the Huns. In Total War: Attila your goal is not as much to conquer the world as it is to survive the unstoppable onslaught of Attila the Hun. You can do many things to achieve this end including trying to get Attila to avoid you and go for your weaker neighbors, raze your own cities before they can be conquered, attack the Huns before they strike at you, build an iron clad defense, or any other strategy you can think of to try and survive.

Several major changes in Total War: Attila from Total War: Rome II have streamlined gameplay, and certainly made many things more user friendly. One of those changes is the ability to raze your own cities for a little bit of cash, and to deny your enemies a foothold nearer to your forces. Another big change is that sieges damage a city’s defenses over time. The longer the siege, the more broken down the defenses, like crumbled walls. A new geographic overlay shows you the paths that your army can take across the map. The building browser has been streamlined into one panel with a filter that lets you narrow down your search. The family system has been improved to better keep track of your legacy, and make more of an effort of eugenics.

Total War: Attila is coming out for Mac and PC. The planned release date is Februrary 17, 2015.

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