Thimbleweed Park Takes us Back to 1987


Thimbleweed Park Takes us Back to 1987

A long time ago a game came out called Monkey Island. That game enraptured many fans with long hours of gameplay and among a few loyal followers still does. Now Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick have come back together to create another game that has that same feel and challenge of old point and click adventure games. Thimbleweed Park is a Kickstarter that is not paying homage to old point and click games, but is a “real classic point and click adventure.”

Thimbleweed Park is, according to the creators, the spiritual successor to Manic Mansion and Monkey Island. This statement holds weight, because the two masterminds behind Thimbleweed Park are also the creators of the 1987 point and click adventure game Maniac Mansion, which arguably started the point and click adventure craze. The two of them are huge fans of the genre, and have wanted to make this without adding unnecessarily complicated parts.

The game will have five playable characters and the story is about “two washed up detectives called in to investigate a dead body found in the river just outside of town.” Characters can be switched at any time, and they claim there will be hours and hours of play. They also say that Thimbleweed Park will have hundreds of locations to explore and be a vast and deep world. They also plan to include an easy and a hard mode so that no matter your skill you can enjoy the game.

One thing that may put off many gamers about this game is the choice of graphics. The game looks like it could have come out in 1987. The pixels are big and the characters are blocky, but Ron and Gary say that is what they wanted. They like the look of pixely characters and they wanted to instill nostalgia among their audience and letting the game’s story and design is more of the focus than the graphics.

The kickstarter for Thimbleweed Park ends on December 18th,, and they plan to have the game released by August 2016. They are already over two thirds of the way towards their goal, and any money they get past that will go to making the game even better. When it is finished, if it makes it past kickstarter, they will release on PC, Mac, and Linux, with plans to consider other platforms and languages depending on how well the project is going with their timeline.

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