The Wild Eight; Alaskan Co-op Survival


The Wild Eight; Alaskan Co-op Survival

The Wild Eight is a co-op survival game currently being developed by developer 8 Points. As the name suggests the game revolves around eight characters, and their struggle for survival after a plane crash in the frozen north. It also adds several unique elements to help it stand out among other survival games.

The Wild Eight can be played solo, but it is intended for multiplayer. There is a strong story, but it revolves around a world that is made up of unique tiles that are randomly placed to make a map. The plot is divided into the main campaign and side quests. When the main story’s location is generated at the start of the game, side quests will be placed around it with key events “equally distant” from one another.



In The Wild Eight you have to level up to survive. You’ll need to work together and learn new skills to keep from freezing, starving, bleeding out, or have another horrible fate befall you. One of the most important skills is crafting. You have to figure out how to make what you need to survive, and especially true in regards to the wildlife. There are two kinds of animals, passive and aggressive. Passive animals won’t attack unless you attack them, but aggressive animals see you as food and you’ll have to run from them or hope your makeshift weapons are good enough to defend yourself.


Of course, the real struggle in The Wild Eight is once the survivors realize that there are things in the woods that shouldn’t be there. Mysterious creatures, hidden figures, and bizarre objects that can’t be native to Earth appear more and more frequently. On the quest to survive more and more questions appear.

The Wild Eight is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter (they actually still have some early bird rewards available if you hurry), and is looking for approval on Steam Greenlight. If you like the idea of their unique twist on a survival game go check them out.

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