TellTale Publishing Teases Nightmarish Game


TellTale Publishing Teases Nightmarish Game

Yesterday on Twitter TellTale Publishing sent out two pictures with short phrases. Nothing at all was explained, they just released the images. However, earlier, TellTale Games said to expect an announcement from TellTale Publishing.

Yesterday TellTale Games said, “Follow @TelltalePublish for the first details on a very different project coming this year from a partner developer… News tomorrow!”

According to that tweet, whatever the game is will not be developed by TellTale. It is just getting released through TellTale Publishing. Although it did say it was a completely different project. That could get you thinking about whether it is even a horror game, since TellTale has quite a few of those under its belt. My money is on a period drama, and that was just the shirtless scene like the wet shirt scene in Pride and Prejudice . You can thank my wife for my knowledge of that movie.


As for the Tweets themselves, the first one is here, and the next one is here. They say, “Have you ever had a nightmare…” and “Have you ever had a nightmare… That never ended?” respectively. It is clearly implied that this will be a horror game, but if you’re in a nightmare long enough the scary stuff might end up seeming more normal because of desensitization.

So far all we know is an idea of what the new game will look like, that it has something to do with a cabin surrounded by wooden spikes, and there will be a bearded shirtless man looking through a car window. Sounds like a horror game if I’ve ever heard of one. Then again in Tucker and Dale Verses Evil I learned not to judge creepy guys in the woods at face value. More information is supposed to be released today, and when it is we will post an update to keep you informed.


UPDATE: TellTale Publishing just released a tweet and a video about the upcoming game, 7 Days to Die. Check out the video below.

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