Tap ‘n’ Slash Calls for Quick Decisions


Tap ‘n’ Slash Calls for Quick Decisions

Tap ‘n’ Slash is a new dungeon crawler that released on IOS today. There are five different heroes to choose from. The game has simple controls, and fast paced action. Instead of carefully exploring a dungeon to unlock every secret, you run through dungeons filled with monsters as you try to stay alive. A heavy metal soundtrack, with a few interesting instruments thrown in, provides the background music to your slaughter.

Tap ‘n’ Slash was created by Invictus Games for IOS. The simple controls are to either move forward or to the right; but whichever direction you go, there is no going back, only pressing forward. Whichever warrior you choose, they will slash enemies when they reach them. However, with each enemy you kill, your weapon will lose its sharpness. If you run into an enemy without a sharp enough sword, then you will die.

Throughout the dungeons are chests, monsters, and swords. The chests give you xp and diamonds, while swords renew your weapons sharpness and along with giving you xp, and monsters only give you xp when you kill them. To make sure you keep moving forward quickly, the floor is collapsing behind you. So, if you aren’t quick enough, you’ll fall through the floor and die.

The further you get in Tap ‘n’ Slash, the quicker your weapon will deteriorate. On top of that, the further you get, the quicker the floor falls away. That means you have to move faster and make sure to keep your weapon sharp with sword power ups. There will also be more monsters, and more obstacles like pillars blocking you from getting around as easily.

The game features pixel graphics. There are several dungeons that have different looking monsters exclusive to each dungeon. The simple controls make Tap ‘n’ Slash easy to get into, but hard to master. It also features a Game Center so that friends can compare their achievements and high scores.

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