Star Wars Rebel Squadron Trilogy Unveiled


Star Wars Rebel Squadron Trilogy Unveiled

Star Wars, which was first released in 1977, and has only grown in popularity since then. One of the biggest hit and miss aspects of the star wars lineage has been their games. Recently videos of a new star wars rogue squadron -that went down into the video game graveyard when the company making it, Factor 5, went out of business- have been leaked.

The first video shows footage of what would have been the main part of the game. Rogue Squadron had many fans among the star wars community, and a large part of that was the fun flying mechanics. Julian Eggebrecht, former president of Factor 5, explained what exactly this game was, and how it all ended with the company going bankrupt.

The game was going to be a collection of all three Rogue Squadron games with new content added in. They were remastered and retooled for play on the Wii. The plan was to give the option of a controller, or things like the Wii balance board and steering wheel combined together for flying a ship.

The piloting would not have been exclusive to space. The video shows speeder combat through the forest moon of Endor, races through the dunes of sandy Tattoine, and even controlling an AT-AT to take down enemies. In space several famous star wars battles are playable with a focus on squad tactics and teamwork. Together, with a variety of fighters, squads attack capital ships, and enemy squads to overtake the battlefield and claim victory.

In the second video it shows lightsaber combat within the game. The style is awfully similar to sword fighting in Wii Sports Resort, and one may have lent to the development of the other. The fights are in classic star wars locations, like Emperor Palpatine’s chamber where Luke and Darth Vader fight for the last time in episode VI, Jabba’s sand barge over the sarlacc pit, and the Cloud city carbonite room where Han was frozen. If you look closely in the second video you may actually see someone else get frozen in carbonite at the end.

Of course lightsaber combat would be with the Wii remote plus motion controller which, at the time of the game’s development, was brand new. This could either have been really fun or really terrible. However, Julian Eggebrecht makes it clear, in the podcast below, that at the time of the game’s development they were incorporating the optional use of actual controllers. Having both options would let people choose between using motion controls or sitting down and using a controller.

Sadly, because of monetary problems within Factor 5, this Star Wars Rebel Squadron game was never meant to be. Now it is most likely too far gone to revive, and new star wars games are trying to fill the gap it has left. Who knows, maybe the newest Kingdom Hearts will bring in Darth Vader and other star wars characters -which now belong to Disney- along with epic space combat.

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