Star Wars Battlefront Holiday Special


Star Wars Battlefront Holiday Special

Star Wars Battlefront is getting into the holiday spirit. To celebrate they are giving out extra XP this weekend. On top of that they are also making their Death Star DLC free for everyone throughout the weekend.

Not only will you get a nice 5,000 credit bonus just for logging in to your Star Wars Battlefront account this weekend, but you’ll also be earning double XP. That’s right, everything you do in the game this weekend is worth twice as much XP in celebration of the holidays. After all, when someone says holidays your first thought is Star Wars. I mean they do have the greatest holiday special ever made, don’t they?

This weekend the Death Star DLC will also be free for everyone. This DLC originally came out in September, and included both new maps set on what else but the Death Star, and the multistage Battle Station mode. This basically let’s you live the dream of being Luke Skywalker and blowing up the Death Star in A New Hope.

  • New modes and maps weren’t all that came with the DLC though. The DLC also added new heroes, weapons, and star cards. However, in their announcement about the free event, EA said only the maps and modes would be free. That means all the cool characters and items will still be unavailable to anyone who hasn’t purchased the DLC.

So, this weekend, more specifically the 23-25, you’ll get twice as much XP and the Death Star DLC maps and modes will be free for everyone in celebration of the holidays. What do you think about holiday celebrations like that from games? Do you like them, or hate them? Do you have a favorite holiday event from a game? Whatever your thoughts are let me know by posting a comment below. Happy Holidays.

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