Skyrim Remaster: New Information


Skyrim Remaster: New Information

On Sunday Bethesda announced that a Skyrim remaster was coming to next-gen consoles. For a lot of people this is great news, and the good news just keeps coming from Pete Hines, Bethesda VP of Marketing, Twitter. He not only confirmed people’s hopes and questions, but he also gave out some more specific information yesterday, which got the modding community very excited.

One of the big concerns is that the Skyrim remaster will make mods created for the old version on PC useless. After all, some of these mods are still being created today, and Skyrim is still a widely played game. Well have no fear, because here Pete Hines answered that question by saying, “basically, yes.” Which suggests some won’t work with the update, but that in general there won’t be an issue with them. Which is awesome news for the community, as there are a lot of fantastic mods out there.


On top of this, he made sure to give PC gamers more information on what to expect in the Skyrim remaster here. He explained three major things. First off that the Skyrim remaster would run on a baseline 64 bit. Of course this means mods made for the old Skyrim 32 bit will have to be updated to run with the 64 bit, but for many of the mods that shouldn’t be a big issue. For PC, and PC only, saves should transfer, and he even replied to a specific question from a person to say that console saves will not transfer. Which for me won’t be an issue, since as my wife will tell you I seem to start a new game in Skyrim every week. Last, he explained that it would have a separate mod creation kit for people to use.


Now, we’ve known since Sunday when it was announced, but to make sure everyone is up to speed; mods will be supported on consoles, just not all mods. This will be similar to the Fallout 4 policy of copyright and nudity restrictions. It’s a very exciting time for players, and especially the die-hard Skyrim fans. This should also start a surge of new mods for Skyrim, along with some specifically geared towards consoles.

Skyrim remaster is set to come out October 28th 2016 for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. All three versions will be compatible with mods, and this will help shake up gameplay for fans of the Nordic game. It will also update the graphics and visual effects of the game including improving snow shaders, water shaders, volumetric god rays, and more. So, what are your thoughts on getting a Skyrim remaster?

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