Rocket League’s New Map and DLC


Rocket League’s New Map and DLC

The popular game, Rocket League, is releasing a free map called Wasteland that is inspired by post apocalyptic media. Along with the new map, Psyonix is bringing new DLC that players will have to pay for if they want it called, “Chaos Run.” There is also more free content to come that Psyonix said they would reveal over the upcoming weeks, but were purposefully vague about it.

A while ago, Rocket League announced that they would release maps that were less traditional in the future, and would be more for having fun then for use in ranking tournaments. Well, Wasteland is the first map to break away from the norm. The map is wider then any other stadium, the booster placement is completely different, and most notably different; the ground is sloped around the edges. According to Psyonix, “It’s the first of many ‘unusual’ arena designs that we plan to introduce in the future, and they’re only going to get more interesting from here.”

The “Chaos Run” DLC is coming on the heels of the post-apocalyptic hit Fallout 4, and features Rocket League’s twist on a dark future. The DLC will cost a small amount of money, but it only includes new aesthetic options, albeit some pretty awesome ones. Included in the pack will be two new cars, Ripper and Grog. You’ll also get twelve new decals and two new paint types, camo and sun damaged. There will be two new wheels and two new rocket trails, sandstorm and nuts and bolts. Also included will be three new toppers, boombox, cow skull, and mohawk. The three new antennas will be bomb pole, radioactive, and retro ball. Finally, there will also be five new trophies for PS4, and five new achievements for Steam.

The new map and DLC for Rocket League will be coming early December. Once again, the map will be absolutely free for all Rocket League players, and the paid DLC is just for aesthetic pieces to use in the game. Rocket League is the runaway hit that came this summer and now has a healthy community of over 8 million players, and if you want to check the game out, their website is here. The game is currently on PC and PS4. So, are you excited for the Rocket League DLC, and how do you feel about the new map being free for all players?

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