Retrocore: Can You Beat My Score?


Retrocore: Can You Beat My Score?

Retrocore is a 2D top down action mobile game being developed by Greenlight Games. The game already has a playable demo for android phones, and included with that demo is a leaderboard so you can compare your high score with your friends. Right now, the game is looking for feedback from the community to help it be the best game it can be.

In Retrocore you play as a “data packet” whose goal is to travel through networks obtaining data cores by defeating defenses within the system. Equipped with your sword you attack basic hidden defenses that look like they’re just another piece of the wall until they jump out and attack. Then of course are the tougher defenses that look similar to your character and can move around in more than just a straight line to fight you. As you attempt to make “network runs” you’ll face harder and harder challenges, but at the end of those runs you’ll unlock a room full of data cores, which is almost like the feeling of rolling around in a pile of money.


The current demo for Retrocore has just the tutorial and a few other options for tweaking play, but that includes the option to switch to left-handed or right-handed controls. It’s a small thing, but you’d be surprised at how many games don’t have an option to switch controls on the screen. It’s also still to be decided whether the game will use in-app purchases, which the developer has specifically said he isn’t a fan of, or be one price to get the game forever.


Personally I think Retrocore is a pretty fun little game, although those hidden guys seem to end up doing way more damage to me than the bigger bosses. If you end up trying out the game, which you can download for free on android here, see if you can beat my high-score. My nickname in the game is “hacker” and I’ll tell you that my score will be pretty tough to beat since I crushed my original score of 7. You can download the game for free at this link.


You can also check out more of what’s coming up for Greenlight Games by keeping up to date with their Facebook, which has a lot of updates on demos, previews, and new trailers for all the games they’re working on. So, what are your thoughts on games being one cost, or having in-app purchases? Has the current market soured you to any games that have you pay for extra stuff, or are you still holding on? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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Written by Spencer Havens, apparently a ninja of mobile games.

PS Don’t forget to mention if you beat my score so I can go back and knock you down the leaderboard!

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