Project Spark to Really be Free


Project Spark to Really be Free

Project Spark is getting a huge overhaul. The major update includes several improved features including over two hundred new assets. However, the biggest change is a move from free-to-play microtransactions to a truly free and open creation engine.

With everything that was paid downloadable content becoming free for new and existing Project Spark users, anyone who has “purchased Project Spark digital content on or after July 28, 2015, purchased a retail disc and activated it by product key redemption on or after July 28, 2015 or have a remainder balance of purchased in-game tokens will be entitled to Microsoft Store credit equivalent to their money spent. Microsoft Store credits will be awarded automatically to all users within 30-60 days after October 5.” Anyone who purchased content before July 28, 2015 will not be getting a refund, and if you want more details you can read the Project Spark refund FAQ.

With Project Spark changing to actually being free, they will stop producing DLC, future features, and episodic series like Conker’s Big Reunion. According to the Project Spark official announcement in regards to not adding any more content, “With a total of 46 released packs and 2,000+ assets, we feel like we’ve gotten to a good place with our content offers for creators.” Then they went on to talk about Conker’s Big Reunion, and said, “We’ll leave it up to you to continue his story in whatever ways you want, and we can’t wait to see what you create!”

Project Spark originally came out in October of 2014. The major changes are coming October 5, 2015. Along with the change from free-to-play to actually being free, the new update will include the following:

  • The maximum terrain limit in creations has been doubled (on top of Massive World Builder)
  • The maximum prop limit in creations has been increased by 500 (on top of Massive World Builder)
  • 200+ new assets will be added in game, including a dragon, goblin warlord, bog biome and a set of new primitive building blocks
  • Each creator will now have a total of 100 Upload Slots for their creations
  • UGC ranking will be based on downloads and favorites, instead of upvote/downvote ratings
  • The Project Spark Marketplace has been removed
  • The Project Spark Tour and Treasure Trove have been removed
  • Achievements have been revamped for players and creators

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Written by Spencer Havens, who still enjoys puns and has to say, “Two peanuts walked into a bar. One was a  salted.”


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