The Forgotten Rooms

 Dec 09, 2016 - PC, Virtual Reality

 Forever Humble PDX

The Forgotten Rooms is a new VR first-person hidden-object and puzzle solving adventure, developed by multi-award winning studio Greenlight Games and Grammy associated media group Forever Humble PDX.

Unravel mysteries and fight against the clock while you attempt to acquire all of the randomly generated artifacts in the radio show inspired episodic levels, which offer hours of unique replayable gaming. Compete against your friends and gain the top spot in our online leaderboards, hunt out all the achievements and find all of the hidden features. Unlock the secrets and overcome puzzles to escape.

Embracing innovative technology from Oculus VR, this game allows the player to become fully immersed in this exciting hands-on experience using the Oculus Touch controllers. The Forgotten Rooms offers a mixture of stunning themes allowing the player to customize play with or without horror elements.


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