Pokemon VR is Finally Here


Pokemon VR is Finally Here

Virtual reality is still in the early stages of production through several different companies. Even being early, the possibilities are very promising, and there have even been some decent, if not good, games released for virtual reality headsets. A game that is not very compelling on its own, but gives promise for what could come in the future has finally arrived. This game is called Pokemon VR.

Pokemon VR was made for the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2. The game was created by a fan, and not Nintendo. So do not get your hopes up for a full Pokemon game coming to virtual reality any time soon. Pokemon VR was also not made just to be used with the virtual reality headset. The game also uses the leap motion and voice attack systems. That means that it tracks your movement so you can do things like pick up a pokeball and throw it. It also means that you can command your Pokemon by telling it verbally what moves to do. For anyone who does not like voice and motion controls, there is also a way to play Pokemon VR with classic button controls.

In the short demo a wild Magnemite appears out of a bush to attack you. You can look around, but your Pokemon is in a pokeball to your right. You can pick up the pokeball and throw it towards the Magnemite to summon your Pikachu. After you battle the Magnemite you can capture it by throwing the pokeball to your left.

The game is very short, and has a small 32 mb download size. It is also a little off in the attack and health system with a level 10 Magnemite giving a level 30 Pikachu a run for its money. You also need to make Magnemite faint in the demo before you try to capture it. These are not important though. What is important is that Pokemon VR has the potential to get the idea of a virtual world of Pokemon into the heads of developers at Nintendo. It’d be like a mix between Hey You Pikachu and the 3D world of Pokemon Stadium with motion controls thrown into the mix. A well made virtual reality Pokemon world is the dream of many people who would call themselves trainers. However, Nintendo is not well-known for being on the cutting edge of technology, so the chances of them developing anything like Pokemon VR within the next few years are about as slim as they could get.

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