Pokemon Teases Exclusive Demo and More


Pokemon Teases Exclusive Demo and More

Nintendo released a new trailer for the two new Pokemon games, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. They have also revealed a little bit more information that will tantalize 3DS owners. Just like with the new Super Smash Bros, Nintendo will be letting 3DS owners play a “special” demo version of the new Pokemon games.

Nintendo was also kind enough to tease that this demo will not be like other ones. They said that a “familiar” Pokemon would get to mega-evolve within the demo. Whoever plays the demo will get to transfer that Pokemon along with some items that can be obtained within the demo transferred to the full game upon release. Now it is not as simple as going to the Nintendo E-shop and downloading the demo. Nintendo has claimed that to play the demo you will need a special code. They have not revealed when the demo is coming out, or where any potential players will be able to get the code.

Back to the trailer, it revealed two new abilities for Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre respectively. Primal Groundon will get the ability Desolate Land. This ability creates a harsh sunlight, instead of bright sunlight. The ability is so powerful that weather changing moves and abilities, like hail, sandstorm, drizzle, and others, will be useless. The ability will also make water type moves evaporate and do nothing, because of the incredible heat. Primal Groudon also obtains an exclusive move. Precipice Blades is a move that causes sharp rocks to fly up from under multiple Pokemon to do damage.

Primal Kyogre will get the ability Primordial Sea. This ability is a parallel to Groudons, because it creates a heavy rain instead of just rain. The Heavy rain will also make weather changing moves and abilities worthless, and is so wet that it makes fire type moves fizzle out. Between their abilities, it appears that Primal Groudon has the advantage, since he is a ground type Pokemon and therefore weak to water type moves. Primal Kyogre will also gain the exclusive move Origin Pulse. This move will blast multiple opponents with dense orbs of water.

They have also not yet made it clear whether Cloud Nine will stop either of these moves, but Rayquaza has always come in and stopped the weather caused by these two along with calming them down. This hints that either Rayquaza will get a Primal form that can counter their weather abilities, or that Cloud Nine will still eliminate all weather.

Nintendo showcased three new mega evolutions in their video, Mega Camerupt, Mega Sharpedo, and Mega Gallade. These three new Mega evolutions do not deviate from the Pokemon they originate from, but follow the idea behind them further. Mega Camerupt becomes an even bigger volcano. Mega Sharpedo becomes a longer torpedo with fancy yellow marks. Mega Gallade looks like more of a samurai with a cape, and thicker arm blades.

Nintendo is trying to build up Pokemon as much as it can. This makes sense, because Pokemon is one of their biggest game titles, and is exclusive to their systems. The code and pokemon given out for the demo is a new strategy for Nintendo. After all, they have not released a demo for a Pokemon game for the handheld before. Then again, with their fan base and long history of Pokemon game after Pokemon game, they have not had to.

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