Playdead Tease Newest Game


Playdead Tease Newest Game

Playdead, the developer behind the hit games Limbo and Inside, decided to tease their fans with a hint of their next game. It was small and very mysterious, but already people seem excited to play the game. Then again after how well their two previous games were that shouldn’t be a surprise.

The teaser picture shows a lone figure dragging some sort of fabric behind them while a shooting star is crashing down in the background. The landscape looks rather barren and rocky. Who knows, it may even be on the moon with someone in a spacesuit. The head is a little weirdly shaped perhaps. Maybe they’ll even call the game, Outside.

The tweet came out yesterday, and here it is if you’re curious.

Inside and Limbo were both very well received. Not only did both games win multiple awards, but they also topped many top ten game of the year lists. Playdead put a lot of effort into both games and I doubt that this time will be any different. Whatever game they’re currently working on will probably be a lot of fun and very deep.

So, with Playdead teasing their newest game with a single image what are your thoughts? Have you already crafted a theory as to what the game’s about? Maybe they hid a lot of information in that single picture. Let me know your thoughts and theories down in the comment section below.

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