An Orcish Tavern Simulator


An Orcish Tavern Simulator

Orcish Inn is a new tavern simulation game centered on the life of orcs, and is under construction for the PC. Creator Steven Colling has an interesting idea on how to take orcs and of course profit off of them. After all, what do orcs want most after a long day of pillaging other than a stiff drink?

Orcish Inn is based around trying to run a successful inn for orcs. Seems straight forward, but there is always more to it than that. In the game you will be able to farm, but plants have to be strategically placed to remain effective. For example, some plants do not like being near other ones and others need to be planted in wet ground. You will also be able to craft your own alcoholic beverages and bread for your guests. You can even control how strong your beer is and what it tastes like.

Another aspect being placed into the game is the ability to keep and breed animals. You just have to remember to actually feed them. There is also the work of an architect placed into the game, because you need to construct your own orcish inn from scratch. Wall by wall, and tile by tile you will be able to make your own inn. Just be sure to make it comfortable for your Orcish guests, or they won’t be too excited about returning.

These Orc visitors come at dusk and give you a chance to profit off of all your hard work. That money will come in handy when you want to get new seeds from the game’s crazy flying vendor, the hawker. You’ll also want to explore the swamp and gather resources that you need to prepare for your guests, and the upcoming winter. If that is not enough, the game also has several different mini games planned. These include, bar games, fishing, quests, and many more.

Orcish Inn is being made single handedly by Germany native Steven Colling, but the sound effects and music are crafted by Tilmann ‘headchant’ Hars. Currently, the game is in pre-alpha, and if everything goes well it will come to Steam early 2015.

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