Omen Exitio: Inciting Childhood Nostalgia


Omen Exitio: Inciting Childhood Nostalgia

Omen Exitio is a game being developed by Tiny Bull Studios that is trying to reintroduce the choose your own adventure story to the public. It is set within the 1800’s in a world heavily influenced by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. The focus of the game is the story rather than the art or gameplay, and in todays over saturation of shallow story and action-oriented games it is a rarity.

Omen Exitio takes place in the late 1800’s. An ancient evil is being awoken by mysterious forces set to destroy and shape the world in horrifying ways. Adventure out to discover the truth behind these mysteries and choose how the story plays out. Each choice made will help decide whether to pull the world up from the brink of destruction, or plunge the world down into the hands of those who would destroy it.


Omen Exitio is not just a game or a book. The game plays like a book with each choice unlocking different paths through the story. The gameplay looks like an actual book that you read and turn the pages of. Just like old fashioned choose your own adventure books your choices will weigh heavily on the outcome of the story, and allow you to experience a unique game depending on those choices. The story will even feature historical characters brought into the story, like great scientists from the same time period. They’ve even teamed up with writers Francesco Guigiaro and Paolo Ferrararrently to ensure the story is as compelling as it can be.

This is the first chapter of Omen Exitio called, “Plague.” This chapter will not only help gather funds for future projects, but it will also help the developers see what their audience wants to get out of their games. How successful this project is will definitely have an impact on any future titles, and how quickly they are released. After all, if the desire for this sort of game is out there, they will certainly be able to work on them more.



Omen Exitio is currently on Kickstarter seeking funding for the project. Tiny Bull Studios has promised to create this game no matter what, but the Kickstarter campaign will help improve the overall quality of the game and show that there is a commercial interest in a project like this. Currently they have plans to release a demo of the game, but it is not quite ready yet. So, did you used to read choose your own adventure books? Do you think a game in that same genre is a good idea, or not? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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