No Mercy A Thoughtful Brawler


No Mercy A Thoughtful Brawler

No Mercy is a brawler being made by developer, Multivarious. The game is focused on being entertaining, and accessible to everyone who might want to play. You may be showing no mercy, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be sacrifices to make.

In no mercy the forest thrives on balance. Good and evil ebb and flow against each other in an eternal dance. The shrine keepers watch over this interaction and work to keep either force from overpowering the other. Then, a stone golem is broken and a seal is released. An ancient evil is unleashed upon the forest and sets the balance completely out of whack.

The main character, Elliot is rushing into the forest to find his best friend Lorne, who was taken by the evil force. He doesn’t do so well, and a corrupted golem leaves him missing an arm and heading to death as he bleeds out. Luckily, a kind strangers saves his life and fashions him a crude magical arm to replace the one he lost. Now Elliot wants to save his friend and discover who gave him the arm. Along the way, he finds strangers with their own stories also trying to stop the darkness from overcoming the forest. Each of them has their own secrets that are slowly revealed as the game progresses.

An interesting aspect of the game is that the developers are working with the Able Gamers Charity to make the game accessible to people with disabilities. They’ve even included two playable characters with disabilities of their own. Along with this the game focuses on tearing your way through enemies, but once they’re dead there’s still plenty of secrets to discover in each level. There’s also an interesting way the game commemorates battles through beautiful paintings. The art of the game is very good looking and definitely adds to the feel.

Right now No Mercy is on Kickstarter looking to get community support. If you’re unsure about the game they’ve got a free demo available on the Kickstarter page. So, what’re your thoughts on a game that recognizes the disabled? Is it trying too hard, or is this something games have been needing? Have other games done it in a better way? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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