New Xbox One Experience Coming Soon


New Xbox One Experience Coming Soon

Xbox One is getting a major update on November 12th. A console update is not usually big news, but this is the big update known as the “New Xbox One Experience.” The update is chocked full of new features and redesigns for the user interface.

When the Xbox One came out, many people were upset that you could not play Xbox 360 games on the new console. With the New Xbox One Experience, a large number of Xbox 360 games are going to be made available to play on the Xbox One. This feature has been in testing since September, but only for a select few members of the Xbox preview program. So far the list of games is fairly large, and expected to expand month by month according to what fans request, and game developers allow.

Backwards compatibility is not the only new thing coming in the New Xbox One Experience. This update will completely redesign the dashboard, introduce a new guide system (which will allow you to easily access notifications, messages, party invites, and more without having to leave your game), change the snap feature, add Game Hubs (for specific updates and content on your favorite game from developers and the Xbox Live community), add a Community area (where you can like, share, comment, and post content such as videos or screenshots), and the update will organize the Xbox store better (dividing content into Games, Apps, Movies & TV, and Music along with adding new categories like, Staff picks, New Releases, and Top Played). The New Xbox One Experience was originally planned to release with Cortana voice commands, but to make sure that feature is up to snuff, they are pushing it back to some time in 2016.

The New Xbox One Experience is coming to all Xbox One systems November 12th, and will change most parts of how the Xbox One works. Microsoft is confident that this will improve the experience of Xbox One users, even if the change will take a little getting used to. So, are you excited for the new update for any reason other than backwards compatible games?

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