Murder on Camp!


Murder on Camp!

Hello! Welcome back once again. Short post today mostly about Camp, I’m home Saturday and then we will return to more game & GG news!


First of, there has been a murder on camp! We’ve set the Cubs & Scouts a challenge after creating a very cool crime scene.



Clues were placed, alibis created and the Leaders are being investigated throughout the day. It’s a pretty gruesome but awesome game and reminds me of some classic games I used to play, such as Sam & Max and even the newer L.A Noire.

I won’t go into detail, I’m sure you’re not to interested in the story! But the kids are loving it.



So moving onto something more awesome..



Another fire needed for tonight, so team Bagandy (That’s me Baggy and Dan ‘Bandy’) are on another mission to find dead wood and create an awesome fire for the kids tonight.


Needless to say we did an awesome job as always and the end result is a great, manly looking fire waiting to be lit tonight. I’ll post some pictures of it burning in the comments tonight!



Publishing Partner

As I mentioned the other day, we’re really excited to be partnering with other Indie devs and start publishing games for you! Covering Marketing, PR & Publishing so you can just make games!

We’re slowly making our publishing portfolio and if you have a great game you would like us to publish, please get in touch! Use the contact page or fire us an email to


YetAnotherIndie did just this recently and we’ve agreed to publish their game ‘The Source’. You can find it on their website here.

Here’s a video teaser of The Source so far:


A lot of papers and agreements have to be created for this to go smoothly, so when that’s all done we will announce it properly. So stay tuned!


Get in touch

Feel free to comment, question and discuss in the comments below! It’s looking a little lonely down there and we’d love to speak with you guys! We have nearly 5,000 visitors a month with over 10,000 playing our games. Let alone our Facebook posts & Tweets reaching around 3,000 people at a time! So why so quiet? Let’s chat!

About Dean Day

​Dean is the Founder and CEO of Greenlight Games. After completing his degree in Computer Science, Dean moved on to a degree in Games Design and Development where he found his bond with playing and creating games. Since starting his studio Dean has become a multi award-winning entrepreneur and reached over 1.8 million players around the world.


  • bravo81
    Jul 31, 2015 @ 22:01 pm

    Just started!

  • bravo81
    Jul 31, 2015 @ 22:25 pm

    Burning well. Goodnight!


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