Mother 4 Earthbound’s Successor


Mother 4 Earthbound’s Successor

Mother 4, a fan made game has been delayed. It is the fan made sequel to Mother 3, which is the sequel to Mother 2 otherwise known as Earthbound. Nintendo has no plans to make their own continuation of the game, and in fact game creator Shigesato Itoi has said that he is done with the series.

According to the Mother 4 blog the reason for the delay is, “Many know this project started over five years ago, but most don’t know how many times the project has been reworked and rewritten. Mother 4, in its current form, has only existed for about two years. These past 5 years have allowed team members like Dave, our lead developer, to create some amazing modules for the Mother 4 engine. The battle background module, for instance, is incredible. What isn’t great, despite how much the quality has increased, is how much further behind schedule we’ve become than we realized. Yet, as Mother fans, we will only be satisfied with the highest quality of work. That has led us here. Today, we’re announcing that Mother 4 will be released in 2015. In a few weeks, we’ll post a specific release day.”

The Mother, or Earthbound, games are known for their creepiness hidden among clean visuals. Silliness abounds in all the games, with things like aliens, zombies, and fetus monsters just to name a few. The game had popularity around the world, but Nintendo seemed reluctant to release the sequels to Earthbound to a Western audience. That is what started this fan made creation so long ago. They figured if there was ever going to be another Mother game in English it would have to be made by them.

Mother 4 is made completely from scratch. Everything in it from the music to the backgrounds, and even the engine were all built by the fans working on this game. The game is set to be released for free, and will only be available for the computer. They have also had the foresight to make the game easy to translate into other languages. That way any fans of the series will not run into the same issue they did when Nintendo did not release Mother 3 outside of Japan.

Mother 4 follows four characters in an idealized vintage America; Travis a 13-year-old boy with telepathy and healing powers who loves baseball, Meryl a 14-year-old girl who is psychic and can peer into the future but is a bit reckless, Floyd a 14-year-old boy who exudes confidence and street smarts but is slow to adapt, and lastly Leo a dangerous leader of a motorcycle gang who is psychic and wild. These four band together amidst rumors of “Modern Men” running wild to find out the truth.

The system requirements for the game are only,

CPU Speed– 1.4 GHz or faster


OS– Windows XP or higher

Video Card– OpenGL 2.1

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