Mediocre Monster: Play as a Low Level Monster


Mediocre Monster: Play as a Low Level Monster

Mediocre Monster is a twist on the classic rpg. Instead of being a warrior trying to save the world, you play as Gob the goblin whose day job is to be an rpg monster. Of course your day job will help you raise money to improve your home town, The Grind.

In Mediocre Monster you play Gob the Goblin, and you work for the worldwide leader in random monster outsourcing, “The Bestiary.” You start off as a lowly tutorial monster, but after some hard work you’ll get a new color palette and be a slightly harder to kill monster. The game features turn based battles, but instead of the goal being to defeat your opponent, your goal as Gob is to follow the rules of being a random monster and make the fight as enjoyable as possible for the heroes. At first there will only be a few rules to follow, like responding correctly to critical hits or attacking the correct opponent after a taunt. As you progress through the game more and more rules will be tacked on, such as how to respond to different elemental attacks and dropping the correct items after you are defeated.

The other part of Mediocre Monster takes place in Gob’s home town of The Grind. The mayor has tasked you with bringing the town back to life. Gob can use his money to construct new buildings or improve town aesthetics. Along with improving the physical aspects of the town, Gob has to recruit more monsters to repopulate the town, but the ones he recruits will affect how the town, and random encounter industry as a whole, grows.

Originally, Mediocre Monster was going to be in 16-bit graphics to align with the game’s theme. However, the creators Gino, Jeric, and Rock wanted the game to stand out more. So they decided to use a hand drawn traditional animation style to bring “more life and vividness through the game.”

Currently Mediocre Monster is on the Square Enix Collective, and is looking for feedback. When it is released, it will be on PC and Mac; at least that is the plan. If you like the idea behind the game, maybe you could show them some support or offer them some feedback. I’m curious what you think. How do you feel about the idea of working on the other side of a classic RPG?

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Written by Spencer Havens, a long time lover of RPG’s

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