Mass Effect Andromeda Release Date Confirmed


Mass Effect Andromeda Release Date Confirmed

It’s finally happened. After months of teasers and bits of information slipping through it is finally official. Bioware has announced the release date for Mass Effect Andromeda.

In a blog post Aaryn Flynn, the general manager of Bioware, announced not only the release date, but a few interesting tidbits about how they got there. I’m sure you’re curious about when it’s coming out than what else he shared, and there’s no point in dragging it out. Mass Effect Andromeda is set to come out Tuesday March 21 2017 in the US, and Thursday March 23 2017 in Europe.

There were a lot of factors leading up to why the game was taking so long. They are creating a whole new story including new planets, aliens, and the like. However, they’re also switching game engines to the Frostbite game engine. This will give Mass Effect Andromeda a huge graphical jump from how it looked in the trilogy. With all this power came great responsibility (haha, got you!), but seriously it takes more time to ensure players get the best experience possible.

Aaryn Flynn also explained another studio holiday tradition that helped set the date, “Over this holiday break, developers at BioWare took home a version of the game in what we call the ‘holiday build’.  This is a longstanding studio tradition that goes back to the early days of the original Mass Effect. Many load up a PC or console and go home to play as much as possible at their leisure. Coming back from holiday, the feedback has been great. Getting the endorsement from members of our studio, many of whom played key roles on the original trilogy, was definitely a key factor in helping us lock in on the date.”

Aaryn ended the post explaining how excited he was about the anticipation and excitement building in the community. Now with an official release date that’ll probably only go up from here.

So, Mass Effect Andromeda finally has a release date. At the end of March it’ll be coming out on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. No news yet on if it’ll make it to the Switch eventually, but Mass Effect 3 was on the Wii U, wasn’t it? So there’s still a chance for anyone hoping for the game to be on the Switch. Are you pumped for Mass Effect Andromeda? Did you know Mass Effect came about because of Bioware working on Knights of the Old Republic? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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