Lightseekers: The Future of Connected Play


Lightseekers: The Future of Connected Play

Lightseekers is being developed to “invent the future of connected play.” It is an action adventure rpg, and it uses multiple interconnected platforms to create a vast and unique world. It is being developed by PlayFusion, and is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter.

What is Lightseekers? Well, it’s a video game, digital action figures, card game, comics, videos, toy accessories, and more. Everything can be enjoyed independently, but it really comes together when they are combined. Everything is interconnected. That means if you do something involving Lightseekers, like watch a video, or buy a toy, it will be able to be used to make the game experience more compelling.

Lightseekers takes place on the vast world of Tantos, and has a carefully built background that isn’t just levels slapped together. The story focuses on the ancient race of the Colossi. They used to be extremely powerful, but a cataclysm hundreds of years ago wiped them out and tore the planet in two. Now all that’s left of them are artifacts, ruins, and the giant rift in the planet. Now a new threat, called the Umbron, has awakened and is taking an interest in the Colossi. It is up to the player as a Lightseeker to investigate this, and discover the mysteries of the planet’s past.

One of the most interesting parts of Lightseekers is how the multiplayer works. The friends you make are more than just names you can send stuff to. Their heroes will appear in your world. Players can hire friends as mercenaries to fight alongside them. Players can craft their own challenges and quests for other player’s characters to go on. Players can also have their character do things while they are away. When you log off you can have your hero set to explore dungeons, collect resources, or even help out your friends. If your character is idle like this, and you come across another character that is idle the two of you will swap stories and items so you can see exactly whom you came across.


Lightseekers is planned to be an online game that utilizes many different functions from augmented reality to online multiplayer. It is being developed for mobile and tablet devices, and will be free to download when it is released. Right now it has just started its Kickstarter campaign, and has already raised quite a bit of money, but there are still a few hundred early bird specials left for anyone looking to back the project.

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