Life is Strange, so is Time Travel


Life is Strange, so is Time Travel

Life is Strange is a new episodic game series from Dontnod Entertainment. The game is being released by Square Enix which released a new trailer for the game recently. The first episode will be released on Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC on January 30th.

Life is Strange follows the life of a college aged girl named Max Caulfield as she returns to her hometown of Arcadia Bay, Oregon. Her former best friend, Chloe, asks for her help to find out what happened to Rachel Amber, who has mysteriously disappeared. After the two of them start to pursue the mystery, Max sees something life changing and gruesome in the girl’s bathroom; as she sees it she discovers that she has the power to reverse time.

Turning back time is the key in Life is Strange; however every choice has result. Even a small change can have far-reaching and unintended consequences. In the series every choice you make will carry over into the next installment of the series, and have unforeseen consequences in them. There are almost no limits on how far back you can rewind time for the game, but every choice will still affect the outcome. At Gamescom earlier this year Square Enix teased, “With the power to rewind time, what would you change? And would it turn out to be a change for the better or worse?”

Besides the fact of time travel as a teenager, Life is Strange boasts a beautiful look. This is because every single texture in the game is hand drawn. This process takes longer, but many gamers today appreciate the look of games with such a personal touch.

The first installation of Life is Strange is coming out January 30th. There will be five episodes total, and they are planned to release six weeks apart from each other. As for cost, the individual episodes will cost four pounds each, or you could save some money and buy the whole series for sixteen pounds. If you do not want to commit to buying the entire series before playing any of the game, you could buy the first episode for four pounds, and if you like it you could pick up episodes two through five for fourteen pounds.

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