Legend of Zelda Live Action Series Rumors


Legend of Zelda Live Action Series Rumors

Rumors are flooding the internet surrounding the media provider Netflix. The Wall Street Journal released an article claiming that a new, live action Legend of Zelda Netflix original series was in the early stages of development. The article also said that Netflix and Nintendo were working hand in hand on the project. The article claimed a source that was familiar with the project, but refused to name them. Maybe with the triforce of Wisdom this live action series would actually have a chance.

Nintendo does not have a proud history when it comes to film and TV adaptations of their games. The Super Mario Bros. Super Show is one example, and they even had an animated Legend of Zelda series in the late 80’s. However, the only thing truly memorable from the Legend of Zelda TV show was the hated and yet somehow loved phrase, “Well excuse me princess.”

Both Nintendo and Netflix have been approached for comments on this speculation, but both have refused. Nintendo told The Wall Street Journal that Nintendo “doesn’t comment on rumors and speculation.” On the other hand, Netflix refused to comment all together. This does not mean that the project is not in development, it simply means that it is in such an early stage that neither company wants to officially announce it yet. After all, Nintendo has gotten pretty protective of their intellectual property, and either company could cancel the project if they feel like it isn’t going in the right direction.

The Wall Street Journal’s source described the idea behind The Legend of Zelda show as a family friendly version of Game of Thrones. It was not compared because it will be full of betrayals, political intrigue, nail biting suspense, epic battles, or anything like that. According to the article, it was compared because it revolves around magic and swords, but the games are more kid friendly than Game of Thrones or even Lord of the Rings.

A live action Legend of Zelda series could go either way. Netflix has had some very successful original series already, and The Legend of Zelda franchise has a very loyal following. Although, The Legend of Zelda following is loyal due to such a high standard that the Nintendo games are held to. With the right actors, director, and writers this series could very well live up to that high standard of excellence Nintendo holds their Legend of Zelda franchise to. In time we will see if these rumors are just speculation, or if Nintendo is trying to move back towards Hollywood again. To show you what potential their could be in a live action Legend of Zelda series, below is an IGN april fools movie trailer.

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