LawBreakers Closed Beta Announced


LawBreakers Closed Beta Announced

The LawBreakers closed beta was just announced. The new studio from Cliff Belszinski, the creator of Gears of War, is bringing this new IP to life. They’ll also be at PAX East in Boston showing off the game.

There will be a LawBreakers closed beta held later this month. Last summer they had a closed alpha, and received a lot of good feedback from that. So now they’re ready to get more feedback with the next step, a beta.

LawBreakers will also be at PAX East in Boston, and the game will be able to be played at their booth. You can also snatch some swag while you’re there. They will also hold a special panel on March 10th at 9pm where they will go over what they learned from the Alpha, and all the things they’ve changed. Cliff Belszinski also said he’d be happy to fist bump anyone that came by and go out for drinks with them afterwards.

The closed beta will be going from March 16-19, and will only be open to people who have signed up for the beta and been chosen to try the game out. If you want a chance to play you can sign up here on the Boss Key productions website.

LawBreakers is going to be coming out on PC. It was originally going to adopt a free-to-play model, but changed to a pay once to at one later. They also aren’t against bringing the game to a console they just would need a good partner to handle the port. So, are you going to try to get into the LawBreakers closed beta? Will you be visiting their booth at PAX or going to their panel? Let me know in the comment section below.

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