Ikenfell; Wizard School Hijinks


Ikenfell; Wizard School Hijinks

Ikenfell is a game focused around a school for witches and wizards by the same name. It is a JRPG with turn-based and time-based battle mechanics thrown into the mix. A talented team, with a lot of experience in the industry, is currently putting the game together.

In Ikenfell you play as Maritte, a courier who is charming and resourceful, but has no magical powers. On the other hand, your sister Safina is one of the most talented witches of her generation. Safina’s first year at Ikenfell she became known as much for her genius as she was for getting in trouble; and has saved the school as often as she endangers it. Everything was fine until one summer she didn’t return home. Not only that, but everyone is being very tight lipped about it, and the headmistress is also missing. So of course there is only one thing to do. You, as a young girl without any magical powers, have to explore Ikenfell and discover what happened to your sister. The magical school is full of mysterious rooms, secrets, and strange artifacts, but it becomes very clear that whatever you do, you shouldn’t go into the basement.


Ikenfell has grabbed inspiration from other quirky games like Paper Mario, Earthbound, and Robotrek; but it is also inspired by magical teen stories like Carry On and Harry Potter. In the game you’ll get to explore a massive magical school as you make friends, and enemies. Magical duels will work as a turn-based battle, and if you time your hits you can increase the power of your spells and can potentially block incoming attacks. There’s also plenty of story going through friendships, romance, and rivalry. The focus in the game is on character and story, and the quirky cast of large characters is what’s going to keep you coming back to this game again and again.

The team behind Ikenfell is Chevy Ray, Hunter Russell, and aivi & surasshu. Chevy Ray is the writer, designer, programmer, and artist for the game. He has over a decade under his belt for creating games, and Ikenfell was spawned from his love of Paper Mario and the world of Harry Potter. You can find him through his Twitter here. Hunter Russell is the mind behind the battle animations in the game. She is working hard to make each and every encounter exciting through vivid and expressive art. Whether you’re battling a lowly wizard or a powerful cat, it’ll look magnificent. You can find her work at her website here. Last, but certainly not least, aivi & surasshu are game composers and sound designers. They will set the mood with their musical scores, and you actually may have already heard some of their work as they create the music for the hit cartoon, Stephen Universe. You can listen to their work on their website here.


If you’ve ever wanted to go to a wizard school, this game may be just what you’re looking for. With mystery and zany characters it is sure to appeal to a wide variety of people, and that’s probably why it is doing so well on Kickstarter, where there is still plenty of time to show your support. So, if you had the chance to go to a magical school, would you? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Written by Spencer Havens; If any of you are wondering what my house in Harry Potter would be, on many accounts I’ve been shown it is Slytherin.

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