Project Seeking – I Quit


Project Seeking – I Quit

Hello, welcome to my blog. It has now been a whole 3 months since I did my last update and boy, this is a big one. It’s time to move on and start a new project.


Behind It All

I first registered Greenlight Games in February of 2014 with the vision of working towards bigger, better games with my fellow university buddies. Time moves on, projects have come and gone and we’re now graduates. The goal hasn’t changed though – that’s still my vision but I want to do more than just make games, I want to improve the UK Games Industry and help other students get the jobs they deserve. Either that or the support they need to start their own games studios if that’s what they aim to achieve.


I Quit

So today I took a huge leap, I decided to quit. Now don’t for a moment think I’m quitting Greenlight Games, that’s my baby right there. It was an amazing project for university that slowly became its own business with a reputable brand, winning some amazing awards in 2015 such as the Young Startup Talent and Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday. This year so far we’ve been short-listed for 3 Bexley awards and I’m hoping we win a few come April. So what do I quit you may be asking, well I quit my day job of course. I took Shia Labeouf’s mental episode of advice to follow my dreams.

Project of my dreams

Goodbye Security

Today marks the day I hand in my notice at work and move onto a financially restrained 12 months, not to forget my stag to Vegas, the wedding in September and then our honeymoon to Hawaii shortly after.

I’ve budgeted well enough with new funding so that I can stick income to my current wage over the next year and hopefully survive through this tough period. I suppose thanks to my fiancée Amy is due here too, her support so far has been amazing and she’s more than happy for me to give this shot.


New Project

Right so I’ve quit my day job, I’m working full-time for Greenlight Games for a year now, the question is how? Where’s the money coming from? Enter the new project.

A month a go I was approached by Xavier, he had seen me reaching out through social media and game development networks for contract work and it just so happened we was both members of the London Unity User Group(LUUG). So we met up and discussed what he needed done, boy was it interesting. If you’ve ever had a meeting with a potential client that knows you’re pretty desperate for work, you’ll know how intense things were for me.

Intense project funding



After meeting with Xaiver and discussing contract work it was immediately apparent that this guy was sitting on a gold mine, software wise. TrinusVR as you may have guessed from the name is a Virtual Reality company, not one that’s releasing its own headset to compete with the big boys though. Instead TrinusVR will make full use of that £500 device that’s either in your hand, your pocket or on your desk. That’s right – the smart phone. TrinusVR is an app that allows you to stream VR from your PC/Xbox games and Greenlight Games is going to build the first native TrinusVR game.

If you’re intersted in finding out more about TrinusVR and giving it a go (As it currently supports a lot of PC games, such as Fallout 4) check out their website here:

Wow VR Project

VR Game

So it looks like me & the team will be embarking on a VR game. It isn’t going to be easy and a demo is due in just 2 months (Pressure much) so hopefully I’ll have something to show you soon.

I can’t give you many details about it yet but it’s a game that involves a lot of driving and shooting in an awesome unforgiving environment. Once initial designs are done we’ll share the content and put up a website. For now though keep an eye on Facebook & Twitter.


As always thanks so much for taking the time to read my dribble & apologies for the GIF spam, until next time!

New Project Bye Bye

About Dean Day

​Dean is the Founder and CEO of Greenlight Games. After completing his degree in Computer Science, Dean moved on to a degree in Games Design and Development where he found his bond with playing and creating games. Since starting his studio Dean has become a multi award-winning entrepreneur and reached over 1.8 million players around the world.

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