GOMBIES – Steam Greenlight


GOMBIES – Steam Greenlight

GOMBIES is now on Steam Greenlight – Concepts

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OK, so lets get to it. What is Gombies?
GOMBIES is a 3 player cooperative game currently being developed using the Source Engine, for a PC release in late 2015.

That’s good and all, but what IS it?

Well I’m glad you asked! With GOMBIES, the clue is almost in the name. Zombies for one, but I’m sure you guessed that. Secondly, the G stands for Geeks. Yup! Geeks.

Geeks VS Zombies.. This won’t fair to well now, will it?

Probably not. The idea of GOMBIES is out there, way out there.. You take on the role of 1 of our 3 Geeks, whose weekly LAN night has been interrupted by chaos and destruction hitting the town.

As you investigate, it’s clear to see that people around you have become Zombies..but not blood sucking flesh eating Zombies, oh no. These are brainwashed Zombies, turned into slaves by a computer virus that has been spread across the internet to all devices that have displays. The code has literally re-wrote peoples DNA creating mutations and senseless violence. ..Good luck!

Interested now? Good – Here’s some more!

So, as you and two friends (or computer AI, if you have no friends :() battle your way through hoards of brainwashed Zombies – what’s in place to make just another zombie shooter unique and not like the rest?

Well let’s start with the gameplay, our 3 characters all have their own stats, perks, advantages and disadvantages. On top of this ammo doesn’t grow on trees you know! Scavenge throughout the land to find new weapons, ammo and other sorts of contraband to help you survive the fight.

On top of that, this isn’t your average shoot em up! For a start, this isn’t an FPS! This is a 3rd person game that will rely on teamwork and well thought out decisions that will all have an affect on your journey throughout the game.

As with every virus, things aren’t completely bleak! The virus can be removed, the damage can be reversed; if you make it.

In Chapter 1 you do some recon, get your gear from local shops and armouries and do some much needed R&D! Figure out what in the world is going on. After hearing a military broadcast regarding safe zones in the city, you decide to pickup and move on. Chapter 2 has you heading for a military controlled safe zone. Whilst reading the map for the fastest route, you find out there is a data centre nearby. The car is almost out of gas, so the geeks decide to make a stop there. After a quick discussion and some hasty choices you decide to investigate it in an attempt to try and dig up some information, where did this virus come from? How can you stop it locally to then create an anti virus? Play through the 6 exciting chapters and help bring the destruction to an end.

About Dean Day

​Dean is the Founder and CEO of Greenlight Games. After completing his degree in Computer Science, Dean moved on to a degree in Games Design and Development where he found his bond with playing and creating games. Since starting his studio Dean has become a multi award-winning entrepreneur and reached over 1.8 million players around the world.

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