Fifa is Taking a Strong Stance Against Cheaters.


Fifa is Taking a Strong Stance Against Cheaters.

Fifa declares a three strike and zero tolerance for cheaters. EA sports announced that anyone caught buying coins will receive three strikes, with the third being a permanent Fifa online ban. However, they have also informed players that anyone caught coin selling or farming will immediately receive a permanent online ban for all EA games.

Ea has explained why they are being so harsh to people who they see as cheaters. Bots that automatically sold online coins for real currency and automatically buy items off the transfer market caused serious problems for EA servers, including stuck transfers, missing coins, lost players, and no results on transfer market searches. “These Bots generate four times as many Transfer Market searches than all human FUT players combined.” Explained EA.

Ea warns Fifa players that any unofficial sites selling coins often are phishing for account information, and lead to player’s accounts being compromised. EA also explained how these activities ruin the game for other players, and disrupts the balance built into the Fifa online system.

EA also talked about how some PC users could falsify their Fifa Interactive World Cup record, which allowed them to move forward without having to win. EA says that they will clean the Fifa Interactive World Cup leaderboards biweekly to catch any cheaters. Another problem is that in the Fifa Pro Club, which is played by some of Fifa’s most dedicated fans, cheaters exploit several things within the game to unfairly boost their Online Virtual Pros. EA said that anyone found cheating in the Fifa Pro Club will receive a permanent Fifa online ban.

Since February of this year, EA has banned hundreds of thousands of Fifa accounts for what they deem as illegal activity. However, EA understand that they may make some mistakes, and have implemented a way for players to dispute their ban. In the UK, Fifa 15 is launching September 26, 2014 on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.


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