Fiction Sphere a Technical Platformer


Fiction Sphere a Technical Platformer

Fiction Sphere is a new game currently under development. It’s a platformer/beat em up the developers call a technical platformer “with a story driven agenda.” The game has a different story and play style depending on which character you choose.

A long time ago, an asteroid crashed into the planet. Soon after, people started to turn into monsters called phantasms. To counter this spreading disease a company utilized the meteor, called the Fiction Sphere, to create a barrier around a huge city. They succeeded in protecting it and were able to make technological leaps and bounds. However, there’s limited space within the safety of the city, and only a select few are allowed within. The rest are forced to stay outside and fend for themselves. This has led to the creation of many underground cities where they pray the phantasms won’t find them. As the two heroes learn more they discover that there is more than meets the eye.

Ratio and Paradox are the two heroes players can choose between. Players who pick Ratio will have the game play more as a platformer, with special abilities like a roll to dodge enemy attacks. Players who pick Paradox will have a game that plays more like a classic beat em up, with special abilities like a block that protects from any attack. There’s also plans to add in offline co-op so players can go through the game with a friend.

Fiction Sphere is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter, and community approval on Steam Greenlight (which won’t be around for much longer). They have a ways to go, but already have a lot of stretch goals set for of they go above their monetary goals. So, what are your thoughts on Fiction Sphere? Do you like how each character comes with their own play style? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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