Fallout 4 Customization Highly in Depth


Fallout 4 Customization Highly in Depth

Fallout 4 customization will be very in depth when it comes to creating your own base of operations in the game. At E3 Bethesda told us that there would be specific locations where players could build bases. The Marketing Vice President Pete Hines has given more detail into what exactly is possible for players to do with these locations.

Hines explained to GameSpot that Fallout 4 customization isn’t limited to prefabricated framework for buildings. With enough creativity you can build pretty much whatever you can imagine. You will be able to make your claim to a plot of land and build something that is entirely your own. Of course, you’ll have to put in appropriate defenses to protect your settlement from raiders and attract other people to join you. Of course the more people, like vendors, you gather the more food, water, and power you will need. As the leaser of the area you will have to supply all of that.

Pete Hines compared Fallout 4 customization to the home selection in Skyrim. “It’s not just, ‘Hey, here’s Breezehome,’ where we just picked a house, and you can buy it, and you can go to somebody and say, ‘Here’s this much gold, and put this thing into my house.’ [In Fallout 4] it’s, ‘Now I’m building it, I’m actually building the house, I’m building the wall, I’m placing the door, I made the table, I made the mattress.’ It’s that sense of making your own way in the world and defining, ‘Who am I and where do I live and what’s my story in this world?’…Much like a game like Minecraft, you can be a noob and just build a simple little thing. And you can also get the guys who go crazy and [can say]… ‘I rebuilt the Tardis from Doctor Who using the lights and stuff and it looks exactly like it.’ Like, holy s**t that’s incredible.”

To wrap it up, Fallout 4 customization will include the freedom to build your own settlement exactly how you want it, but you will have to set up defenses, food, water, and of course power. Fallout 4 customization will be so in depth that you can build your base to look like almost anything else, such as Big Ben, a Pokemon Center, or even just a rustic shack.

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