ESO Controller Scheme is Packed Full


ESO Controller Scheme is Packed Full

Recently Bethesday officially announced the release date for the Elder Scrolls MMO on Xbox One and PS4 as June 9th. The closer we get to the console launch, the more information we are getting about it from Bethesda. Just recently the above image detailing the Xbox One controller scheme was released on the ESO blog. On that same blog post they also explained why they have been taking so long to release ESO for consoles.

The controller scheme looks a little busy, but with all the different commands and button layouts available ESO players on a computer, it is necessary. Every button seems to be utilized, but it also looks to be mostly straight forward and should be easy for most players to grasp and run with it. However, one of the questions asked again and again is why the console version of ESO is taking so long, especially when it was originally supposed to be released December 2014.

The Bethesda team explained the wait and why it is a good thing on the ESO blog, “It’s actually pretty simple: we wanted to make sure the console version didn’t feel like a port, but like a game designed specifically for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There’s a lot of variance between these platforms and the PC or Mac, and the game needs to reflect that. When you play ESO on either console, it should feel like the game was made for that platform. Also, as we worked on parallel teams to develop the console version, we had the initiative to improve the console experience by taking advantage of voice chat and adapting the game for play on a controller. This led to the development of a completely new user interface, as well as many features that take advantage of the built-in services that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 offer.”

Bethesda has a reputation for releasing good games that are ready to go at launch. This is in contrast to the several games released in 2014 that probably should have delayed their launch to fine tune their games. Personally I’d prefer a delayed game to a broken one. Since it is Valentine’s day I feel I must share this card with anyone who reads this. Happy Valentine’s day everyone.


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