EarthGames: Developers With a Cause


EarthGames: Developers With a Cause

EarthGames is a studio devoted to making a very specific kind of game. They make things from trivia games to games that give you points for real life actions to board games reminiscent of Settlers of Cataan. They may seem different, but all of the games have one thing in common, climate change.

The goal of EarthGames is to “change the future through video games.” They are working to make games that bring climate change into the light. One of the reasons they specifically came about was that they looked around and saw that there were no entertaining games about climate change. Some were okay, but none were really fun and educational. Their goal is to change that.


EarthGames has already released several games that are all free for people to play (not free-to-play, there is a difference). They even won the college division for the Climate Change Game Jam with their game, ClimateQuest. ClimateQuest is a retro style game where the player has to plan for climate change across the US using four specialists. AdaptNation is a free board game that plays similar to Settlers of Cataan, but the players are working together as different cities in a nation trying to share resources and survive severe climate change over thirty years. EcoTrivia is a game where you have to correctly answer trivia questions to help animals survive in four different ecosystems.


Habitat the game is an app made to teach kids about environmental responsibility, and it does this by connecting with the real world. EarthGames made this game to help kids see the positive effect they can make. The game is all about adopting a polar bear and then having to play mini games and complete real world actions to keep him alive. They also have pins in the game that players can collect from real world locations, and trade with other players around the world. The polar bear is the first version, but they are planning on letting kids take care of different endangered animals.


EarthGames is really pushing their way to try and make the world better through raising awareness for climate change. This is especially seen through them trying to let as many people as possible have access to their games by making them free, and available on phones. What do you think? Do we really need games about things like climate change, or should games steer clear of social messages?

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