Deul Chellenges you With Suitors and Assassins


Deul Chellenges you With Suitors and Assassins

Deul is a new reaction based physics game. In the game you test your reflexes against a series of opponents, but be careful. Not all of them are trying to kill you, and you’ll be punished if you shoot any innocent people. Deul also features several ways to compete with your friends, including prizes for certain competitions.

Deul uses ragdoll physics and quick reaction times in the game. You play as a girl and face off against man after man in one on one duels. With quick enough reactions you can shoot them before they shoot you, but what makes it tricky is that you can’t fire until they draw their gun. If that wasn’t enough, not all of the men are trying to kill you. Some of them will offer you flowers, chocolates, and other things like that, because they just want to date you. Of course, shooting them is frowned upon and will lose you fame points for killing them.

Fame points are the in game currency Deul uses. You can buy these points along with extra lives in the menu for real money, but that isn’t really needed. You earn fate points for beating your opponents in duels, and you get more the more creative you are. For example, you’ll get more points if you disarm your opponent first, rather than just shooting them in the head. You can use these points to buy special bullets, and different customizations for your character, like cat ears or a horse head. As you progress through Deul, you will also level up, and unlock the ability to purchase different kinds of bullets along with getting an option to upgrade either your luck or your bullet speed.

Deul has several things already set up to keep things interesting for players. There will be more features coming with each update, there is a local multiplayer, and there will be official competitions starting in January 2016. As soon as the New Year rolls around, the online leader board will be used to compare who can get the highest score in Deul every month. On top of receiving the accolades of your peers for crushing them, if you win you will receive “an in game reward and a physical copy of signed limited edition artwork.” This will be delivered right to your door.

Deul is currently out for Android, but will also be coming to iOS and Windows later. Artyom Naumov of tyomklz games developed Deul, and Greenlight Games published the game. The game says that it is in Alpha, and so you can look forward to many improvements coming as time goes on. So, are you a fan of reaction games like this? The old Shenmue games certainly had a fondness for reaction sequences.

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    Mar 8, 2017 @ 12:47 pm

    What do absorbing bullets do exactly?


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