Death Story: Cute Girls and Mass Slaughter


Death Story: Cute Girls and Mass Slaughter

Death Story is an action-adventure platformer where you play as a young girl who has inherited the death arcana’s powers that is being developed by Team Neko. This fast paced game has a very distinct style, and the main character looks to draw at least some inspiration from the Gothic Lolita style. The game also draws on inspiration from several games, including Spelunky, Dark Souls, Cave Story, and Metal Gear Rising.

In Death Story you play as a young girl who has inherited some of the most powerful abilities in the known world. This has made people fear you and seek to destroy you. Will you be able to survive, and perhaps redeem yourself, or are you doomed to fail and pass on the torch of the reaper to the next in line?

Since you gained the powers of Death in Death Story, you have many new abilities you’ll have to master to stay alive. First off, each weapon you find in the game has two different ways that you can use it, as a ranged attack, and as a melee attack. The weapons also level up independently, so the more you use your favorite weapon the stronger it gets. There are also usable items within the game that can be equipped, like potions or other items to buff you. As for your physical abilities you can use a dodge roll to roll away and avoid taking a direct hit from an enemy. You also have certain passive abilities you can unlock that will give you buffs and let you execute greater combos, like unlocking double jump. Now, it’s time to talk about the true power of Death. There are two important things to know, and those are your soul level, and your arcane ability. Your arcane ability lets you, at any time, stop time completely. During this pause you can slice through your enemies however you see fit, but it drains your own soul every time you use it, and once your soul is gone so are you. Now, last but not least is the soul level. Defeated enemies drop soul orbs that raise your soul level, which not only counts as your weapons level, but is also used as your health. Which means the more you get hurt the weaker your attacks will be.

Death Story combines fast paced combat with cinematic story telling to mix a beautiful story with an action packed game. Using animated cut scenes the story unfolds before your eyes through the beautiful art style and hand drawn landscapes. To keep things interesting Death Story “randomizes everything including the world-map, the towns, the dungeons, and the mazes on the back of cereal boxes for fresh replay ability.”

Death Story is currently looking for community support on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight. Through the Team Neko website (there is a link above on their name) they have a blog and twitter that are updated frequently so you can get a closer look at what’s going on. So, what’s your opinion on Death Story? Do you like the art, gameplay, story ideas, etc.? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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