Cross-Platform Play Between PC and Xbox Revealed


Cross-Platform Play Between PC and Xbox Revealed

Yesterday Microsoft had a big Windows 10 event in Redmond Washington. In the few hours of the event, Microsoft made announcement after announcement. From advanced holographic augmented reality tech to Cortana, the voice activated assistant, coming to desktops. Phil Spencer announced all the news and updates while wearing a shirt from an ancient video game, and among all the news and free stuff offered by Microsoft, one of the biggest to impact the gaming community is the new cross-platform play between PC and Xbox One.

Fable: Legends looks to be the first game to incorporate the cross-platform play. Xbox One and PC will finally be able to play co-operatively or competitively against each other. This could really boost the communities behind many games by widening the player base that can interact with each other. Fable: Legends may be the first announced as having cross-platform play, but with the new Windows 10 system connecting Microsoft devices and Microsoft owning Minecraft, it is only a matter of time before phones, desktops and Xbox Ones all play Minecraft together in one world. Although, because the Xbox One and phones have a much smaller world than the PC version, this may never happen just like cross-platform play between old gen consoles and current gen consoles never happened.

“I think (cross-platform play is) an enabling technology to make games great. If somebody decides that cross-platform play isn’t something that’s going to make their game great, there’s no way I’d ever create a (publishing requirement) that says you must do this,” explained Phil Spencer in a group interview after the event.

Microsoft has claimed the Xbox One as a next-gen console since the news of its release, and early on showed that much of the consoles focus on being next-gen was through advanced hardware and integrating different forms of entertainment together. This initially led to some bad publicity regarding statements made by Microsoft employees, but has steadily recovered. Now Microsoft is heading back in that direction full force. They are trying to leap ahead of the competition by trekking into brand new gaming territory.


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