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Tranzfuser Winners

Today I’m proud to announce that Greenlight Games have been accepted in to the Tranzfuser programme!   What is Tranzfuser? OK so Tranzfuser is the innovative new talent development programme brought to you by UK Games Talent, working with a host […]


Two weeks in to full time game dev

Yeah, so I’m now a full time game dev? Pretty crazy to think that just over two years after coming up with the idea for Greenlight Games with companies house, whilst I was still in my second year of a […]


Introducing Green Jamwich

Hello & welcome back to my personal blog! A few weeks a go now I told how I had handed my notice in at work and was going full time at Greenlight Games. Today it’s with great satisfaction that I […]


Project Seeking – I Quit

Hello, welcome to my blog. It has now been a whole 3 months since I did my last update and boy, this is a big one. It’s time to move on and start a new project.   Behind It All […]


Rolling into 2016

Greenlight Games has made it to 2016, hurrah! How we doing? Welcome back to my blog, long time no see – over 2 months I think actually. Whoops! Well I did say I’ll try my best but sometimes working on […]


EGX Birmingham & DEUL is Released!

Hello! Welcome back to what has been my slightly neglected blog posts! It has been just over a month since the last one, things have been absolutely hectic and I can’t wait to bring you up to speed!


DEUL Progress & Office Confirmation

Hello once again! Welcome back to my blog. On today’s post I’ll be talking a little about DEUL and the journey it has taken so far, plus some great news about our office space from the University of Greenwich.


Hello, Stranger!

So it has been exactly 21 days since my last blog post, almost a month! I know, totally dropped the ball. What am I playing at? Well, things have been.. hectic! Today we’re talking about a new team member, a […]


New Games!

Hello! Welcome back once again to another blog post, today I’m going to tell you a little more about our new games. First off, a game we’re developing internally ‘RETROCORE’ plus another indie dev that has accepted us as their publisher for […]


Murder on Camp!

Hello! Welcome back once again. Short post today mostly about Camp, I’m home Saturday and then we will return to more game & GG news!