Bungie’s Destiny is Almost Here


Bungie’s Destiny is Almost Here

In less than three days Destiny will be released by Bungie and Activision. This game has been turning heads since live gameplay footage was shown at E3 back in 2013. It is one of the most anticipated games of the year, and many fear that it will make this weekend drag on for far too long. If you have somehow not yet heard of Destiny then you are in for quite a treat.

To throw out a few numbers to showcase the scope of this game; over the course of nine days four million, six hundred thirty eight thousand, nine hundred thirty seven players tested out Destiny in their beta. Bob Puzon, GameStop senior vice president of marketing said, “With the launch of Activision’s Destiny just around the corner, our GameStop associates are working diligently to prepare for what is currently our highest pre-ordered new IP in history. Based on the consumer excitement we are encountering in our stores every day, Destiny is on track to deliver a tremendous gaming experience.”

An interesting thing happened a little while ago. In an advert linked to a tweet, Xbox revealed what appeared to be cologne called, “Destiny.” This only happened in the UK, and seems to have involved some promotional problems for Microsoft. Apparently due to an agreement between Activision and Sony, Microsoft is not allowed to advertise Destiny for the Xbox One. The website for the alleged cologne actually just talked about the game Destiny for Xbox One, and had links to Xbox One bundles that included Destiny. It was an interesting way around the rules for such an interesting game.

Destiny is not just for one kind of gamer either. There is high intensity cooperative gameplay, casual exploring, solo gameplay, PVP, several different locations to choose from, and even more choices. Destiny developers tried to create a world with something for everyone, and the promise of the game lasting at least ten years is quite an interesting offer. They have also done something that many fans have appreciated. For anyone who has not yet upgraded to a PS4 or an Xbox One, Destiny is offering a free upgrade for any purchases and content purchased for an Xbox 360 or a PS3. That means if you buy Destiny and the season pass for an Xbox 360, then you later buy an Xbox One, all your files will transfer up to your new system. This is only within each respective company though, so no swapping from Playstation to Xbox.

To build hype and showcase the game and its features the good people at Bungie and Activision have released several trailers for Destiny, including a live action trailer. For many people who did not play the Beta these videos sold them. They have also released several codes for in game bonuses since they first teased Destiny, and here are all twenty five of them.

























I’ll see all you Destiny fans starside on September 9th.

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