Below is Coming After 3 Years


Below is Coming After 3 Years

Last night at the end of the IGF awards, a trailer was premiered for Capybara Games (famous for developing Super Time Force and Sword & Sorcery) long coming roguelike, Below. The game was originally announced at E3 2013, and now it looks like it will be coming out this summer on Xbox One and PC. The game also follows very simple seeming goals of explore, survive, and discover.

Below is a rougelike survival game that is very light on overt plot. The point of the game is to keep moving down level by level, and each level is procedurally generated. That helps keep things interesting, because they will be different every time. As you go lower and lower you will gather ingredients that you can combine to make useful items, and you will encounter more enemies, traps, and various other things that are trying to kill you. All the while you are given no more urging to keep going besides discovering what will be on the next level, what mysteries you may encounter, and (horrible as I may be for saying this) what lies below.


Originally Below was announced at E3 2013 and scheduled for release in 2014, but obviously it did not happen. First it was pushed back to 2015, then it was pushed back again to 2016, and now it is officially confirmed as coming out sometime this year. A lot of people have been very excited about the game and the people who have tried the game have had mostly good things to say about it.


Below is announced as coming out this summer to PC through Steam, and on Xbox One. It is a straightforward game, but it is challenging and players will most likely die quite often. It has also already been delayed twice, but will most likely not be delayed a third time. The website is interesting, but like the game has very little descriptions. However, if you do visit their website you should try and scroll down to the bottom. I think you’ll be surprised at what you find. Could it be a clue to how the game will work? Who knows. So, did you try to find the bottom of the site’s website? Let me know in the comments.

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